Video | Travel with us to ... and through ... ITER

The latest drone video from the ITER Organization takes you deep inside the work underway in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance to build the world's largest tokamak. ITER is the project of many superlatives. It is the largest fusion energy project in the world, with the broadest international participation of any science project on record. It is the most ambitious device of its class, with fully twice the linear dimensions of the largest tokamak operating today and ten times its volume of plasma, capable of fusion experiments that set records for duration and fusion power production. ITER will be the only device in the world capable of creating a burning plasma—one in which the heat from the fusion reaction is confined within the plasma efficiently enough for the fusion power to dominate the plasma heating. Millions of components sourced across 30 nations and three continents—and shipped by boat, plane, rail and road—are coming together on a 42-hectare (100-acre) "platform" where the ITER machine and supporting plant are under construction. Thousands of people are contributing their unique skills and their passion. Today, the project has completed 76 percent of the work scope to First Plasma (including all design, manufacturing, building construction, transport, and assembly and installation activities). Eighty-five percent of physical infrastructure (buildings, networks, drainage, services) is in place. Second best to seeing construction in person, is a fly-through by drone ... Watch "ITER: Flying over ... and through" (April 2022) in English or in French.