Video | The ITER you never see

As night falls and the gates close on the ITER construction site, a small group of men and women take over, each tasked with a specific mission. Security agents begin patrolling the premises, checking each and every office in the half-dozen ITER administrative buildings, inspecting storage areas, doing their rounds throughout the sprawling construction site. Night is also the time for radiographic testing, which is used to verify the quality of welds in critical components and assemblies. For safety reasons, operators need to make sure that buildings are empty and that no one stands in the way of the sources that "see" into the steel. Before dawn, other personnel move in for other activities—premises and equipment need to cleaned and meals need to be prepared. This video gives you a glimpse of the ITER you never see. It would not be complete however without an encounter with the ITER Organization information technology specialists who provide the tools and manage the infrastructure that makes communication possible between the thousands of actors of the ITER Project, both on site and throughout the world, day and night. Click here to view the "ITER you never see" video.