ITER platform | Finding your way

The ITER platform has all the attributes of a small town. It has landmark buildings, winding roads and large avenues, traffic lights and stop signs. It is a bustling world of people and vehicles, of projects spanning the scope of construction and industry. It is a place where 35 nations were brought together to prepare the future of our civilization. In this map, we have identified 28 buildings and facilities, some already operational, some at various stages of construction, and few not yet started. Other features—such as overhead bridges and roads—are not yet marked. In a few years, we will need an updated map to find our way on the ITER platform. 1 — Tokamak Building2 — Diagnostics Building3 — Tritium Building4 — Assembly Hall5 — Radiofrequency Building6 — Site Services Building7 — Cleaning Facility8 — Cryostat Workshop9 — Magnets workshop10 — Poloidal Field Coils Winding Facility11 — Cryoplant12, 13 Magnet Power Conversion Buildings14 — 400 kV Electrical Switchyard (ITER Organization)15 —  400 kV Electrical Switchyard (RTE, Réseau de transport d'électricité, France)16 — Heat Removal Zone/Cooling Tower Zone17 — Future location of the Control Buildings18 — Future location of the neutral bean injection power supply19 — Future location of the Hot Cell Facility20 — Contractors Area21 — Contractors elevated parking lot22 — ITER Organization Headquarters 23 — Tokamak Assembly Preparatory Building (in construction)24 — Assembly workshop25 — Poloidal Field Coil Facility extension for cold tests26 — Temporary storage facility27 — Temporary storage facility28 — Temporary storage facilityC — Cryostat lower and upper cylinder (cocooned) Scroll below to see other pictures taken by drone in late May 2020.