Lee Robinson: Official Biography

Co-founder of Trafalgar Asset Managers and Portfolio Manager of Trafalgar Catalyst Fund. He has one of the best 10 year trading histories in finance making 300% during that period with the worst loss of 7%. He predicted the banking crisis of 2008 successfully positioning his fund for the downturn and winning the Eurohedge award fund of the year in that category. He subsequently positioned his investments to profit from the Sovereign Credit Crisis.

Prior to Trafalgar, Lee Robinson built and managed Tudor Capital’s Global Event Driven business where he developed a unique risk system which he brought successfully to Trafalgar Asset Managers.

Lee worked at Deutsche Bank from 1996-1998, Bankers Trust 1992-1996 and Paribas 1991-1992 where he traded equity, interest rate and credit derivatives.

Altana Charitable Trust  was created and the overheads are covered by Lee Robinson.  In addition, any fees that arise from donations using credit card payments are also covered by Lee Robinson, meaning that 100% of your contributions go directly to the frontline where they are needed most.

Altana Wealth is the family office business set up to manage Lee Robinson and his family's assets.