Lee’s motivation to effect a recognizable change in social conditions, what he calls, “providing Advantage for the disadvantaged” was the driving forcebehind setting up his philanthropic foundation. 

Directly on the heels of Lee’s successful launch of The Gathering Storm, the charitable book whose entire sales proceeds are donated to twenty charities designated by its authors, it became clear to him, he could and should, do more.  Altana Charitable Trust embraces Lee’s philanthropic ambitions and is committed to making a positive change in the world today.  

All the trustees and support staff contribute their efforts and receive no payment for their services.  In addition, any overhead expenses including fees that arise from credit card payments are covered by Lee Robinson, meaning that 100% of your contribution goes to directly to charity where it is need most.

Altana Charitable Trust supports a wide range of charities, with the current list shown here, making it a more efficient and responsive way of giving to a broad range of important social issues.


The Gathering Strom book project spotlights concerns about the world economy, the transparency and understanding of finance and indeed with a desire to try to help the world at a time of economic difficulty. 

The concept for the book The Gathering Storm was created by Lee Robinson, a leading credit hedge fund manager based in Monaco and the benefactor of Altana Charitable Trust.  Lee enjoyed the support of leading managers and analysts all of whom gave their time free of charge to write and contribute various chapters for the book.   

All profits from the sale of the book, along with author royalties, will be given to Altana Charitable Trust who will in turn pass along the donations to each of the charities nominated by the authors.