The Gathering Storm  - Book Trailer

Amidst concerns about the world economy, the transparency and understanding of finance and indeed with a desire to try to help the world at a time of economic difficulty. Thus the concept of “The Gathering Storm” was created by Lee Robinson, a leading credit hedge fund manager based in Monaco. 

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20/03/17 | 19H03 -

From a height of some 50 metres, you have the entire ITER worksite at your feet.

13/03/17 | 18H57 -

At the heart of the Tokamak Complex a deep, perfectly cylindrical well is taking shape. Here, the ITER Tokamak will be assembled from bottom up, enclosed in its stainless steel cryostat and surrounded by the thick concrete walls of the bioshield. 

News From Our Charitable Book Launch

12/10/10 | 9H18

ONCE more, the hedge fund community unites for a good cause – this time not by shelling out enormous sums of money while being wined and dined at a charity gala dinner, a la Arki Busson, but by writing a book designed as a warning to policymakers all over the globe.

12/10/10 | 8H00

The global economic outlook is gloomy and will stay that way for another two to three years, according to hedge fund manager Lee Robinson.

Robinson, a director at London-based Trafalgar Asset Managers which produced positive returns in 2008, said policymakers were repeating historical errors in the decision-making aimed at resolving the financial crisis.