The Gathering Storm  - Book Trailer

Amidst concerns about the world economy, the transparency and understanding of finance and indeed with a desire to try to help the world at a time of economic difficulty. Thus the concept of “The Gathering Storm” was created by Lee Robinson, a leading credit hedge fund manager based in Monaco. 

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The ITER Business Forum 2015 (IBF/2015) will be held in Marseille, France from 25 to 27 March 2015.   IBF/2015 is organized to help industry connect to the ITER Project through information sessions on ITER procurement opportunities, project status,

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​Knowledge is not cheap. The world spends more than $1 trillion a year on research and development, including basic research. The biggest projects—'research infrastructures' like particle accelerators and DNA databases—carry correspondingly big price tags.

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12/10/10 | 9H18

ONCE more, the hedge fund community unites for a good cause – this time not by shelling out enormous sums of money while being wined and dined at a charity gala dinner, a la Arki Busson, but by writing a book designed as a warning to policymakers all over the globe.

12/10/10 | 8H00

The global economic outlook is gloomy and will stay that way for another two to three years, according to hedge fund manager Lee Robinson.

Robinson, a director at London-based Trafalgar Asset Managers which produced positive returns in 2008, said policymakers were repeating historical errors in the decision-making aimed at resolving the financial crisis.